I love the spring and summer months.

We have been working in our yard every weekend for the last month. When your house sits on an acre or more there is a lot to do.

I have bought several large containers of petunias, mums and large head marigolds. I also bought two hanging baskets of begonias. All but one of these went into the backyard where we spend most of our time.

I love the instant impact that you get from flowers.

I purchased some lemon grass I am hoping it will keep the mosquitoes away during that season.

We are trying a few gardenia plants again I want them to live so badly. This time, we bought some special dirt just for them with some compost to help them drain well.

The weather has been hitting right around 80 degrees but the last few days it has been a bit cloudy. I like my sunshine because a little sunshine makes us all feel better.

Enjoy the outdoors, feel the sun on your skin, breathe in the fresh air and just sit back and relax. We all need to take more time to relax and take life in a little at a time.



I love games and puzzles…

I love video games, puzzles and crossword puzzles…

I do my crosswords in the bathroom while I’m preoccupied. LOL

When I’m bored and my housework is almost done, I love playing video games. My favorite all time game is World of Warcraft. Now that my computer is down and I’m on my laptop that cannot access WoW and all the fantastic graphics, I’m playing UrU… a game that the Cyan (Miller) brothers created…which was started with Myst. They now have a free UrU live game here online for all to play. A link follows…


And for all the people who have never ever played World of Warcraft…here’s a link. You can look at their videos and photos… love this game so much…


Bye Bye Fur Down

I love a good DIY. Thank you Pinterest for all your great links to wonderful ideas. Not sure how I ever got along without you. The ideas I find keep me quite busy doing my DIY stuff.

Our house is over 30 years old and we have fur – down above the kitchen cabinets. Fur – down is the sheetrock area above the cabinets this was popular before they left the gap above the cabinets. This solution also works for the gap.

I prefer the one that uses the bead board and the ceiling crowning although I would be happy with either one.

New house kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling but most of us will not be buying $5000.00 cabinets to do this. This solution should cost less than $50.00 to do for a house with fur – down. It will probably cost less than $100.00 for a house with a gap above the cabinets.

Link : No More Fur Down

Link: No More Fur Down 2

I love this idea and this is next on our DIY list.

Not sure what to do…

I want to finish my book. I want to play video games. I want to watch saved shows on the DVR. Not enough time in a day, and not enough time in each week… sigh.

I’m trying to juggle my time between house cleaning, emails, writing, video games and TV shows that I love. Life isn’t bad when you can’t think of what to do next…and you enjoy doing most everything that you love.

Every other weekend I get to spend valuable time with my Grandson. He sleeps over two nights and I get to make him his meals and spoil him. When my Daughter tells me she has problems with him since he’s been going through puberty, I find it difficult to believe. He’s always been a good boy with me 🙂

Life can become hectic sometimes. I would rather have it hectic any day of the week, than to be alone and bored 🙂

Texas winters are mild

Texas winters where we live are normally quite mild. This year we have had no hard freezes.

The good thing about this is you get to be outside most of the year. By this I mean you can spend at least 11 – months out of the year outdoors.

We mowed the yard last weekend and the smell of the freshly mowed grass was great. When you get to mow for the first time in the new year you know spring is just around the corner.

Lately, our weather has been gorgeous and in the low 70’s. The news last night said we will be getting rain for the next few days we actually need some rain so this is a good thing. I love the smell of the rain there is something about it that is magnificent.

Being outdoors allows me to be me and I can totally relax and take in the world around me. I can  breathe in the fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

What movies and TV shows do you watch?

Sometimes I just feel like spilling my guts out to whoever will listen. Other times I just want to keep it all to myself. Tonight I’m feeling pretty good:

I had a great weekend with my husband and Grandson. The weather was crazy, both cold and hot, windy and not windy…iffy. All in all, it was a great weekend.

We had a lot of movies in on the DVR and Video player. We save lots of things for our Grandson to watch with us while he’s over the house. He loves, The Middle, Modern Family, The Goldbergs, The Muppets Show, The Simpsons, Colony (new show on USA channel)…I could go on and on.

Hubby and I love The Black List, Sleepy Hollow, and now the new drama, The Family.

What do you watch? My list is endless actually.

Wind, rain, gorgeous weather and then snow????

Last week we had heavy downpours in Virginia. We also had extremely high wind to the extent that we had to tie down our balcony chairs to the table, in fear of having them blow away!!!! We are on the 4th floor. LOL!

This past Sunday it was 65F, sunny and pleasant. A gorgeous day! But guess what?

This Friday we are expecting early morning snow!!!!!! What!? ROFL!

Sand and shells

The shells on the shore of the beach have such a beauty about them.

Certain areas of the beaches have more due to the tide. I think also some of those areas are not traveled as much by the rock collectors.

The tides go in and the tides go out every day is a little bit different than the day before. This to me is a lot like life every day is different and we never know what day might be  better than the others.

The best thing we can do in life is to make the most of each and every day and never let anyone bring us down.

Texas Beaches