Computer gaming and Grandma…

Yep I’m a Grandma…they call me Mimi. I am also a crazy computer gamer. My pastime when I get to enjoy it is, World of Warcraft. When friends told me that this game existed I laughed. Who my age wants to play a game and battle it out online? why would I waste my time doing such a juvenile thing?  Juvenile? Not at all. This gaming thing as they call it, is what brightens our brain and keeps it active.

I recently had a brain scan due to migraine headaches. The scan showed the active brain of a 20 something year old. Not bad for the age I am 😉

World of Warcraft not only sharpens my intellect…it also keeps me in a fantasy world of beautiful scenery and music. I love being there and I do not feel guilty one bit.

I am an advocate of computer gaming for older people. Keep that brain sharpened…play games 😉


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