Snow scenes make me happy :-)

I love snow scenes. I don’t love walking or driving in it. I don’t love standing in it for long periods of time and freezing…but I love looking at it.

I can remember ice skating at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York.  When I was a kid we would hang our skates over our shoulder with the laces tied, and off we went, taking buses and trains to go ice skating.

The skating music was so pretty, and back then a boy would ask you to skate with him. You would skate all around the rink holding hands. Those were innocent days for sure.

I also have a deep love for all the art that Thomas Kinkade has done throughout his life. His snow scenes and holiday scenes make me happy 🙂 I love glitter, sparkles and jewels…he has added all of that to his work.

My family enjoys Christmas Town in Busch Gardens. I love it too, but don’t love being outside in the cold.  I purchased a fuzzy pair of boots just for this occasion. I wear two pairs of my husband’s socks inside the boots, and very thick gloves. I wear my heavy leather jacket with the fuzzy warm hood, and a woolen hat under that. Could I be any more covered? LOL!

I’m looking forward to winter, although I doubt we will get snow…but maybe we will…it depends on how cold it will be this winter in Virginia.

Go outside and enjoy the cold weather this winter. Look at the beautiful snow, and stay warm.


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