Grandchildren are the best…

I never knew what it was like to love a Grandchild until I became a Grandmother. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Grandchildren look up to their Grandparents as the ones who will always give them that little special extra something…whether it be goodies to eat, or something to play with. It can also be the ability to stay up past their bedtime a little later than usual, or a trip to a place that they love 🙂

I adore being that person…the one who can make that little person feel secure, happy and safe. Grandparents love unconditionally.  Sure parents do too; but as a Grandparent we have the ability to give them back 🙂  When it seems a little stressful, or when we’re tired and it’s been a long day or weekend, Mom takes them back.

I love being a Grandmother.  I love my time with the kids. Holidays are more special, and the time we spend together is building memories for their future years. They will always remember us with good feelings 🙂


5 thoughts on “Grandchildren are the best…

  1. We are 4 sisters all with kids.. my mom and dad are crazy for the kids.. Sometimes I feel they have their grand children more than their own children 🙂
    Even the kids are crazy for their grand parents

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    1. My Daughter feels the same way Tulips. She thinks I love the kids more than her. What I told her was that I love them in a different way…and so much, because they are a part of her 🙂


  2. I love being a “Grammie!” I have a grandson who is 4 years old (first boy in the family). That little boy is my JOY! The minute he walks in the door, my whole day changes. I love him to no end. Family is everything! ❤ ~ dp

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