Crime Watch Daily….The Show

I just recently began watching the show, ‘Crime Watch Daily’.  I am totally enjoying it. I’ve always been interested in out of the way news. What I mean by out of the way news is, the news that seldom makes it into the top stories. The news about serial killers on the loose, or college dorms being attacked by rapists or sexual predators. I think this news is more important than the  junk we see on prime-time news. I’m more interested to know what’s going on in the real world, than to hear about Donald Trump trying to run for President.

I think it’s important to know what’s going on in the world around us…things that affect us directly.  Donald Trump running for President isn’t going to affect me. I won’t vote for him, and I certainly hope he doesn’t win. If he does, we may have a grand exodus.  Mr. Showboat running for president of the United States…give me a break!

Meanwhile there are crazy people running around the streets loose. Men and women who were both convicted of sex crimes and now set free with a slap on the hand and a record. We’re told if we find out someone in our area is an ex-sex  offender it’s illegal to approach them or tell anyone about it. REALLY??  Are you kidding me!!!!

Now that I’ve found this show on the cable CW channel, I am enjoying it. I feel I can keep up with news that we seldom hear about…unless we look for it that is.  It’s very educational to get involved with something that affects us all. They even have an area where we can sign up and become ‘Crime-Watchers’.  Since I’m home all day and have a few minutes to spare here and there, I think I’ll sign up.  why not? 🙂


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