Halloween Fun :-)

I said before in an earlier blog that I love holidays. I also love Halloween. I have a family member with a birthday on this day 🙂

I visit the store ‘Yankee Candle’ several times a year simply because they have holiday areas all year round.  They have a magnificent Christmas room with Santa Claus there to greet the kids.  They also have a Halloween area that can knock your socks off. Gorgeous!!!! Beautiful sparkling lights of orange and gold, blinking and twinkling on tiny houses.  The prettiest displays I’ve ever seen 🙂

It’s a shame that Halloween turned out to be a scary time of year for most people. I’m not referring to the religious people who think Halloween is a time for the Devil…LOL  I’m talking about people using this time of year to hurt children with poison candies, and to enter people’s houses to rob them. What a shame that the fun has been taken away in this respect.

On the other hand, there are more Halloween parties and events to attend. These are safe places to go to. We take our Grandchildren to a big Halloween event every year at a local museum. They get to dress up and show off their costumes. They enter various parts of the museum to see the event’s Halloween displays offering scary characters dressed up for the occasion…and candy to be had by all.

Enjoy the holidays the right way: Keep it safe and keep it fun 🙂


One thought on “Halloween Fun :-)

  1. Thanks for following my blog 🙂
    I totally agree with your sentiments here, how it gives license to wicked people to hurt others and spoil what should be fun. I had some great ideas for making my own candy this year, but I daren’t do it to give out to local children for fear others may see it as ‘suspect’. Store bought it is!


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