Growing older…

Exactly what does growing older mean?  We’re not as pretty as were 20 years ago? We’re not as sharp as the sharpest tool in the shed? We need more sleep? We can’t get around as well as we did years ago? Or does it mean “ignore us”?

Not myself, but I have noticed that so many older people are being ignored and treated as second class citizens by their own families! Their opinions no longer count, they aren’t included in fun things to do for the day, they are excluded from family events that mean walking and dancing…and to sum it all  up:  They are told afterwards, that no one thought they would want to go anyway.

The Chinese say that the older generation is who we learn from. These are the people who have been here long enough to know more than their children. Tossing someone’s opinion aside because of their age is just plain STUPID!

Open your eyes and look at your Parents and Grandparents with a new wisdom. They are the ones who spent more time on earth…they are the ones who can teach you.

Here’s something to read and take into account:


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