Over the hill

I noticed once I turned 50 that what once was easy started to become a challenge. Now that I am 55 that has only gotten worse.

Getting up and down off the floor is basically a big deal. If you want to play with your young grandchildren you must do this even if it takes you 10 minutes to get back up again and moaning the entire time.

Squatting down to pick up something off the floor is yet another big deal. The bones crack every time I do this.

Going up and down large flights of stairs take my breath away. Not to mention it wears me out and makes me want a nap.

I guess it is true  50 is over the hill and its downhill after that.

I need to change a few things because I refuse to keep going downhill. More exercise, more vitamins and I will take better care of myself.

I want my life back again and I refuse to give up. Determination will allow me to beat the over the hill syndrome.


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