The people who lie

Our oldest daughter is a pathological liar. She will lie about things that really do not even matter.

I never understood why some people lie because eventually they tell so many lies to different people they forget what lie they told to what person. Talk about  stumbling on your lies. When this happens all they can do is squirm.

Dealing with a pathological liar is not an easy thing because you can never believe anything they say.  I love her with all my heart, but I wish she would get help for the lying.

They say pathological lying is a symptom of another disorder but in order to get help for your problems you must believe you have a problem. No one can do this for you because it is something you have to admit to yourself.

The truth is not in a pathological liar there will always be doubt in everything they say.



11 thoughts on “The people who lie

  1. I can totally relate to what you are saying. A previous blog of mine is about a pathological liar that I have lived with for over 30 years. With a spouse, love diminishes…but with a child who we are supposed to love unconditionally, hurt takes the place of love…total heartache. I understand this hurtful feeling only too well. I hope your Daughter can find it within herself to get help someday, or she will lose the respect of everyone around her 😦

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    1. The same thing happened here for many years until our daughter got sloppy with her lying. That was when everyone realized what was going on because we started comparing the lies she told us.

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