Child Safety… walking to the bus stop alone.

I never had to worry about walking to school as a kid.  I always felt safe. I was able to walk to school alone from grade 3 and up.  I grew  up in New York City, and I lived right around the corner from the school.  I only had to cross one small narrow street, and there was a school crossing guard there to watch that I was safe.

When my own children were young, I believed in “safety in numbers”.  If all my sons walked to school together it was okay.  The streets were safe and there were always tons of other kids walking to the same school.  Some were older and some were younger. We didn’t have the internet then,  so there wasn’t a long list of registered sex offenders, and there was no such thing as online, like there is now for all to see.

I have Grandchildren now, and I worry sick over them.  One of them is now walking to the bus stop alone. I would normally not worry…but she’s the only one at the bus stop and the other kids who stand there get onto an earlier bus, leaving her all alone. It’s a pretty isolated area…bushes and woods behind her.

I went onto the registered sex offenders list. They make you electrically sign in by checking in a spot where  you promise to never approach these sex offenders, or tell anyone who they are. I can see that if they are reformed, it would hurt their reputation if they were known to all.  But here’s the thing:  If I saw even ONE of these guys or gals talking to MY Grandchild, I would not even HESITATE to not only talk to them, but to KICK their ass!!!!

Here’s the site to look up the registered sex offenders in your area.


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