Peace and Quiet

We live in the country where its quiet most of the time and if you hear anything it would be the sheep or the cows.There is no traffic here or city type noise.

I like the quiet and I appreciated it much more since I have gotten older. Often times I do not even turn on the tv or radio during the day I just listen to the quiet and it is so peaceful.

When your children grow up and move out you really learn to appreciate the peace and quiet. You can hear yourself think and have a conversation without having to talk over the noise of the children. At times, I miss our children being young and noisy.

The peace and quiet of life can be very  enjoyable at times, but I love it when the grandkids come over and make some noise.  That is the new noise in our house and we love it.

If I need to think I need peace to hear my thoughts.




2 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

  1. I agree. I love my quiet time. It gives me the chance to unwind and be myself for a while. I too enjoy it when the kids are over and the house is full of happy laughter.

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