Football and me…

I’m not really a football fan.  In fact, I don’t really care for sports other than the Little League my boys did as kids, or the soccer games and baseball my Grandsons enjoy now.

My husband and Grandsons are die hard football fans.  My own sons who live distantly from me, are big fans as well.  I can’t keep up with the various team’s stats and don’t really want to…but it’s rapidly known by me only because I hear it all the time.  LOL!

I am forced to watch the Super Bowl every year so that my husband doesn’t sit alone and watch it.  He used to watch it with our sons…but now that we live distantly from them, it’s me, I’m elected! LOL <—Laughing out loud?

So, it’s football season!!!!!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah????  This means I have to literally beg my husband to go Christmas shopping with me when it’s time.  Heaven forbid there’s a big game, or HIS team is playing…he will NOT go anywhere unless it’s before or after the game.

So this is life during football season.  Get home before the game.  Eat dinner early before the game starts.  He puts on  his team shirt, team hat,  and sits all ready to clap his hands and yell out as loud as he can, every single time they get a touch down! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Football and me…

  1. We do not watch football we get a kick out of watching the commercials for the super bowl on the internet. I enjoyed football when our oldest son played went to all the games but never watched it other wise.


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