We are exactly where we are supposed to be…

My Grandson asked me this: “If you, Mom and Papa didn’t go on a cruise, and Mom didn’t meet my Dad, would I still be here?”

My reply: “We were supposed to be on that cruise with your Mom. She was supposed to meet your Dad and yes, you were supposed to be here.”

Sometimes we question life. We wonder “What if.” Did we miss the boat? Is this where I am supposed to be? Could it have been better? Or could it have been worse? What if I went to college earlier? What if I followed my dreams and didn’t let anything stand in my way? What if I was a better Mother to all my children?

Questions, questions…that’s what my Mother In-law used to say to me. She hated people who asked too many questions. Her theory was that if you are at a certain place in time at a given moment, that is exactly where you were and are meant to be.

Okay, so I possibly could have done things better. I could have made better choices, and I admit not being the best at everything I did. But…

One thing stands out in my life right now: Every single person who entered my life, came into my life with meaning. Not everyone is still there. Not everyone left me with a positive experience. Everyone counted. We all count, and we are all doing the things we are supposed to be doing.

Why do we have serial killers, psychopaths, thieves, bad family members, horrible friends who turn on us, or even mean kids or parents in this world? My belief is that if we didn’t have the most negative aspects of life, then we also in turn, would not have the opposite…positive. Sure, I could live just  fine without all the negativity. It would certainly be a better world if everyone were good people. But how would we know they were good people if we didn’t have bad people to show us the opposite side?

These are all the things my brain ponders about from time to time. I am thankful that the people who entered my life were there. Most of them are wonderful. Some of them are horrible. If everything that happened, didn’t happen, the wonderful things in life may have not occurred for me…like my Grandchildren, like my children, like the friends who I cherish every day that I open my eyes 🙂


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