What goes arund comes around…not always

I truly believe that when we do harm to someone, or insult someone, it comes back to us two fold. At least that’s what I USED to believe.

I’ve been waiting patiently all my life for this to happen to a relative of mine. I THOUGHT we get what is coming to us. I’m learning at a late age that this isn’t true.

My husband and I do all the right things. We care for our children, take care of the Grandchildren, and try to make life a happy one for everyone around us…

Somehow this family member is thriving financially, and on top of the world…and always has been! This person didn’t work hard for what she has, she didn’t do for others, and wasn’t there when people she claimed to love needed her…

Yet her life is one big happy time…a circus if you ask me. Happy, happy…or is she avoiding the obvious truth? Does she know deep inside that some day this will all turn out to not be the ending she hoped for…that all the loved ones will not be there to say their goodbyes when her time comes… I wonder if she knows.


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