Love and honesty…

I remember that wonderful feeling I had each time I fell in love.  I say each time because as a kid we think we’re in love several times until the real one happens 🙂

All those butterflies that fly around our stomach and make us feel light headed and giddy.  That feeling of euphoria that makes us feel unstoppable, as though at any given moment, we can fly.  This is “Puppy Love”.  It doesn’t last, it isn’t there forever.

Those feeling are replaced with respect, care, devotion and honesty…honesty being the most important one, in my book.

So…the butterflies go away, respect and responsibility take over.  We go about our daily activities with the knowledge that we have to pay our bills, clean our homes, take care of our children, and try very hard to have fun in between all the work.

But what happens when the butterflies are truly gone?  The spark that was there has been burnt out, the charm and manners we had are out the window…what then?

It’s time for a change of pace: Go on a short vacation, and if you can’t afford it, go on a picnic and make sandwiches.  Sit and talk about the beginning of your relationship.  Try to remember why you fell in love in the first place.

But…don’t LIE!  Don’t lie to a woman!  There is nothing worse than a man who lies to a woman…in her eyes.  I once saw this in a movie…” The bank of Trust and Fidelity is a very strict bank…once you put a deposit in another bank, they close your account FOREVER!!!”

Remember these words.


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