Travel…I love it…The Bahamas…Paradise Island

My husband, my Daughter and myself, have traveled to many places together. This was our outlet…our chance to have a wonderful experience together and a chance to see something new, different and beautiful.

We’ve been to Las Vegas Nevada, The Bahamas, Bermuda and on a cruise we visited San Juan Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas, and a private island in the Bahamas owned by the cruise company…called Cococay.

One year during the 90’s the three of us visited the Bahamas for seven days and nights. It was the most fantastic vacation we ever had. We stayed at an all inclusive hotel called The Fun Club. It was situated right on the Nassau Harbor and on beautiful Paradise Island.  They had their own private beach and at night we could see all the cruise ships docked and all lit up. During the day we waved to passing boats and yachts. We took day trips by boat right from our dock.

The most beautiful beach I have ever seen in the Bahamas was on Paradise Island and named Paradise Beach. There was once a hotel there called Paradise Paradise. Tables were situated right on the beach and let me tell you that this had to be the whitest sand I’ve seen…and the most beautiful serene turquoise water to be had. That hotel is now gone. Atlantis has taken over and in my opinion, even though Atlantis is gorgeous, festive and massive…Paradise Paradise Hotel is surely missed by many.

Keep watching for my blogs. Next stop…Bermuda.


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