Bermuda!!!! A must see at least once.

My husband, Daughter and I have been to Bermuda twice. Both times we took a cruise. Cruising is the best way to go. It’s less expensive than staying in Bermuda in a hotel, and all your meals are included. The ships are gorgeous…I’ll talk about cruising in another blog…for now let’s focus on beautiful Bermuda.

The island itself is approximately 24 miles long and less than a mile wide. It’s surrounded by beautiful white sand and GORGEOUS turquoise water…serene and just magnificent.

It’s almost impossible for anyone to live there because the island is so small and not much room for other than tourists to visit. They have very strict rules. Only the rich and famous have been able to make Bermuda their home. There are many people from England living on the island…the island is owned by England and they go by the rules of the Royal Crown. There are also native islanders.

During our stay we saw grown men on their way to work, wearing a suit jacket, tie and Bermuda shorts. This was a treat to see.

There are few places for cruise ships to dock, allowing tourists a chance to see everything while there.

My favorite beach, which is one of several, is Tobacco Bay. It’s all the way on the far end of the island. It’s situated on the opposite end from where the cruise ships are docked. Bus passes can be purchased and used for your entire stay. The buses go everywhere…why not? The island is so small 🙂

Tobacco Bay is in a cove. It’s surrounded by rocks that allows small children to play in the water safely. It’s beautiful. There used to be a large hotel there…it’s been torn down. While we were there it was still there, and abandoned. Such a shame. It was right on the beach. Most of the hotels are on the beach…although due to limited space, some are not. If you decide to visit Bermuda and stay in a hotel, make sure you check whether or not your hotel is beach front. A good note also is that there is only one inclusive hotel and it’s not on the beach…unless one or two popped up that I am unaware of.

A must see are the Crystal Caves. They are so beautiful. When you enter for a tour, the tour guide will tell you that if you decide to take a crystal that is hanging down in front of you, you will go to jail. So we all laughed and kept our hands by our sides 🙂

While in the ocean a good thing to know…is that there are jelly fish called, ‘Man of War’.  They sting hard and the signs say to seek medical attention if stung. This is enough to scare you to stay out of the water, right? Wrong!  The beaches and the waters are crowded all the time. LOL

Once again, this is a beautiful place to visit.  If you have the money, and the time, visit Bermuda, if only once.


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