My mom is a stranger

I think we all struggle at one time or another with a family member that we are close to.

My mom changed the day my dad died. Things have gotten worse the last 8 months and I do not know what to do or where to turn.

Can grief and depression become so deep that you lose sight of the person you once were? Can you become someone totally different?

My mom was my best friend, we did everything together and she was so proud of the person I have become. We were really close until the day my dad died.

I am trying to figure out if everything she has done lately is related to depression, grief, aging or Alzheimer’s. When I mention any of the above to her she lets me know she is not depressed, does not need counseling and is not grieving.  You see my mom thinks of herself as the perfect person who never needs help with anything. Getting counseling would mean she needed help. When I mentioned Alzheimer’s to her she went off on me trying to think of every negative thing to throw at me from the past. Trust me it was pretty bad, nasty, mean and hateful.

Her words cut through to my soul they hurt me deeply and I am not sure I can ever forgive her for saying them much less forgive her for denying saying them at all.

My mom is now a stranger she has become someone I no longer know and someone I never wish to become.




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