I am Thankful

Many of us are choosing something each day in November to be thankful for.

Since it is already day 3 I want to add the first 3 days on this post.

November 1 – I was thankful for the rain we recently had in Texas.

November 2 – I am thankful for the happiness I have in my life.

November 3 – I am thankful for my blog it allows me to express the way I feel into written words.

My Thankful post will be posted every other day and two at a time since I share the writing of this blog with my friend Dena. We alternate posting every other day.

Please join some of us on WordPress in expressing one thing a day you are thankful for the entire month of November. It is never too late to start.




One thought on “I am Thankful

  1. Nov 1… I am thankful for the birth of my Grandson on Halloween Day,,,Oct. 31
    Nov 2…I am thankful for the beautiful view from my balcony on a rainy day…
    Nov 3…I am thankful for the ability to still stand upright…
    I’ll leave my replies as a comment to your blogs each time you do this subject. GREAT idea dear friend.


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