New York City! It’s magic! :-)

I can’t write about travel without talking about New York City. This is where I have my best memories, my childhood friends, my Great Grandmother who raised me and my brother, and where I was born.

I was born in the Sloan Hospital for Women, on Broadway! I spent the first ten years of my life in Washington Heights Manhattan, between Fort Washington Avenue and Broadway. We lived with Great Grandma on the second floor of a sixth floor building. All the buildings were tall… very tall… and at a young age I felt like I was in the middle of the whole world.

The Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers were the big baseball teams back then. Central Park was a safe place to walk, Park Avenue was a wonderful place for enjoying a lot of people, stores and great clothes. During the summer it was always busy…during the winter it was a winter wonderland.

We had street vendors everywhere, and hot roasted chestnuts being roasted right on the street during Christmas time. 42nd. Street was a Christmas feast for the eyes. The animated dolls, the lit up decorations, the music and the merriment… all season long.

During the summer my brother and I went swimming at a public pool nearby. Buses and subways were on every corner, and safe for kids to ride all alone. During the winter, we had ice skating at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and Central Park in Manhattan. Ice skating at Rockefeller Center was a wonderland, underneath the huge Christmas tree that was lit up every year for all eyes to see.

Growing up in NYC was NEVER boring. During the winter months we had museums and planetariums all over the place… my favorite was the Brooklyn Museum. They not only had art, and a free concert, but they also had a floor with all Victorian antiques and furniture. They had rooms all set up, as though people were expected to arrive home into these rooms at any given time.

At night on our street where we lived, we played outside under the lamp post lights until it was very dark. There were so many kids to play with that life was never lonely. Great Grandma watched us from the window… she leaned on a pillow and stayed there until we went back upstairs.

These are the memories I have…these are good memories. When I say, I love New York…I really mean it. 🙂


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