Holiday Burdens…

What happens when things change and the holidays we love suddenly become impossible to deal with?

For instance: A change in job and finances. Suddenly all the things we loved about the holidays suddenly become stressful and sad.

I can’t wait for my husband to retire from his lousy job. This man has taken advantage of him in every way that he could possibly think of. He has used and verbally abused him in the worst ways…yet he continues to work for him, simply because he has no choice, and this man knows it.

What kind of a man hires someone who once made almost 100K yearly, for almost the lowest pay possible… how is it possible for this man to wake up every morning and feel good about himself?

People who take advantage of people while they are down, don’t deserve to be happy…and yet they are happier than most people… I don’t understand it, and I never will.


5 thoughts on “Holiday Burdens…

  1. I think people that treat other people like that will someday get their due. If your husband is really unhappy maybe he should look for another job to get away from the abuse of his boss. I could not work for someone like that.


    1. If there was a job for him to take at this time, he would surely take it. Unfortunately there is nothing available in his department of expertise 😦


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