Forgive and Forget

It is easy for someone to say  you need to “Forgive and Forget”, but sometimes that is hard to do. It is easy for someone to say you need to ” Let it Go” but that can also hard to do.

If someone says something to you that is mean, hateful or a lie you want to say something back as a way to defend what they said to you or about you. By doing this, it is allowing you to become even more stressed. If you want to de-stress you have to “Let it Go”. Take a deep breath, step back, walk off, hang up the phone or shut down the email. Whatever you do remove yourself from the situation by doing this you are shutting it down.

This is something I am working on and it’s not easy. I have a tablet and a pen I am writing down “Let it Go” over and over again as a reminder I need to do this for my own peace of mind. I am writing “Breathe” as a reminder to take deep breaths to de-stress my life and find peace again.

Life is chalked full of lessons we learn as we are growing up but “Forgive and Forget” is a very hard lesson to learn.

I just need to ” Let it Go” and “Breathe”.



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