When it rains it pours…

The saying goes… “When it rains it pours.” Isn’t that the truth? When something bad happens, it begins an entire row of mishaps. Why can’t one bad thing happen at a time? This way we could fix just ONE thing at a time.

My husband worked for a company for 11 years. By year ten he received an award for being the top salesman in our state, for that year. There were hundreds of people at the awards ceremony, and everyone waited to hear their name called, with baited breath…but it was my husband whose name was called. How proud he was.

One year later, his boss called him into his office. He fired him. For no reason; he just felt he was getting too old, and needed someone who he could train from the ground and up. Try to prove discrimination of age. It would take a long time and an expensive lawyer, and then we still would not have proof.

So to the next company he went. It didn’t work out. They used him to train a younger man, and then used some lame excuse to let him go. Unemployed, again.

He is now at the final and last company. This man is insane! He is giving him so little money that Christmas is beginning to look nonexistent. This is normally MY favorite time of year…

Like I said, When it rains it pours. I am waiting for the sunshine.


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