Life is good because we are alive…

I love life.  I will never say that “I wish I were never born.”  I’ve heard it said…not me.  I am so  happy to be here.  Sure, things could be better.  There are always things that could use improvement.  There is always room for a better way of doing things…

I’m trying to think positively, even in the midst of trouble.  Life is good just because we are here.  Life is good for me because I have a healthy family, and some wonderful Grandchildren who are not only a blessing, but also extremely polite, caring and loving.

I choose to keep things the way they are.  If not the way they are, then it’s not the way that they were meant to be.  Like…my Grandchildren who are  here, my children who are here, the people who I have met and who stepped into my life along the way.

I am very happy to be me, even if things don’t always go the way I wish they would  🙂


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