Decorating my Christmas Tree…

I was saving the tree decorations for the Grandsons to do. They don’t want to! Can you believe it? They would rather not decorate the tree. They said, “You can do it, Mimi.”

They used to love doing it. Now it’s a chore. LOL I don’t mind. I LOVE decorating the tree. My favorite decor is white like snow. I used to have a white tree…artificial of course. My kids and Grandkids hated it. They said trees are NOT white. They were right. Now I have an artificial green tree with white snow on the leaves…I love it!

This tree will have white decorations and some red thrown in. White very thin garland. All the lights are white. I can’t wait to see the finished product. For now, I’ll just post a picture of a tree similar to what mine WILL look like and I’ll take a picture of mine when it’s finished 🙂

Did I mention that today is hubby’s birthday? Happy Birthday Hubby 🙂


5 thoughts on “Decorating my Christmas Tree…

  1. Tell your Hubby Happy Birthday. I am not much into decorating this year not even sure if were putting up a tree. I thought about getting one of those small Norfolk pines lol.Check your email please.


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