Trying to eat healthy

To lose a few pounds you just have to eat healthier. It does not mean you have to deprive yourself and go on a diet.

I pick up the big bag of apples, the tiny oranges called Clementines and those are my fruit snacks.  I also buy the mozzarella cheese sticks. These all work great for in between meals. On occasion, you can dip the cut up apple in a tablespoon of peanut butter just do not go overboard with it.

A lot of times I will drink a premier protein drink for my breakfast it has 30 grams of protein and only 160 calories. This time, I got the vanilla one, but I usually get the chocolate. I have yet to try the strawberry one, but it is probably good too. I buy mine at Costco’s 18 drinks for $24.00.

I like to have yogurt in a few flavors and some cottage cheese and canned pineapple and peaches in water. These are mostly for my lunches but also can be a snack.

I include a fresh salad with our dinner meals at least 4 times a week. We always have frozen or fresh vegetables because we both love them.

I make stir fry with vegetables, chicken, and rice. Chicken noodle soup is very low calorie I make mine with carrots, bouillon, celery, onion and egg noodles and bay leaves. I have to have the flavor of the bay leaves the smell makes your mouth water. We love to brown chicken tenders cut them into chunks and make a salad and let that be our dinner. Chicken is a great low-calorie protein.

Salmon patties are a low-calorie option and add some asparagus as a side and it is a great meal. I buy the skinless boneless salmon it is so much easier.

Healthy eating is all about changing your lifestyle, not dieting. For most women to lose weight we need to keep our calories below 1500 a day.

Now I just need to exercise more that is next on my list.

Is anyone else trying to eat healthier if so please share your ideas?




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