I used to dance…

I love dancing. I have always been the show off at every party. I was the one who ran up to the dance floor at ever wedding and took up as much space as I could. I was the one who would only wear a dress that I could move in, so I could dance. I was the one who made sure my shoes weren’t too high and not too low, so they looked good while I danced.

Now I walk with a cane. Even if I do get my hip replacements and my knee fixed, I will still be a little too old to do the things I used to do. LOL

When I go to sleep at night I fall asleep remembering the times I could dance. I have wonderful dreams.

Now I spend most of my time in a different and very pleasing way: Now I watch my Grandchildren enjoying the things that THEY like to do. I go to Soccer games, and honor roll award assemblies. I watch them open gifts and enjoy birthday parties. It’s not my turn any more. It’s their turn to enjoy life, and I get to watch them do it. I LOVE being able to watch them grow into the beautiful people they are becoming 🙂


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