Trying to organize

I have decided I am going to reorganize our house.

Everything has its place it is just sometimes we get so busy that we do not put stuff back where it belongs.

I read one time do not let the mail stack up instead go through it right then. When I did this it was great there was never sales papers, and advertisements piled up. Recently I just let it pile up now I will have to spend time going through the junk mail.

The linen closet needs some help I even bought those canvas containers to help with stuff in there. They are in there but not serving any purpose yet. Since we have 3 sizes of beds in our house my thought was to put different sheets in different containers to make this easier. I read one time after you fold your sheets if you want to keep up with the pillowcases then put the sheets inside a pillowcase and everything is all together. I really like this idea it works.

My pantry needs some organizing I had my husband add some in between shelves because they were all wide ones and there was so much wasted space. This really has helped me see what is in there.

Pots and pans I hate the pots and pans cabinets. I would much prefer to have drawers for the pans and lids. We have been talking about adding drawers for a while now.

What do you find that is the easiest way to organize your stuff?




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