The unique gift

I love to buy Christmas gifts for people.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to buy gifts because some people are just hard to buy for but others are quite easy.

I like to find unique gifts something that no one else will think of.

Buying for the grandkids is always easy. They love everything and seem to be happy with most stuff.

Buying for my mom has always been easy until this year. I think it is because there has been so much friction between us so I am just blank on what to get her.

To those of you who are buying for your moms or mother-in-law please share your ideas with me I need some help.

My mother in law is very complicated to buy for but this year I nailed it. I have the first part done I just need to get a frame and mat to complete the gift. That is on my to-do list this week.

What is your favorite thing that you were given as a gift?

What is your favorite thing you have ever bought for a gift?

Let’s brainstorm some ideas and help each other figure out some unique gifts to buy this year before we run out of time to shop.


2 thoughts on “The unique gift

  1. My favorite gift was a music box from Grandsons who live nearby 🙂 And my favorite gift that I have ever given, was a diamond heart to my Daughter. Buying for your Mom will be difficult this year. Just buy something general that you know she likes.


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