The Fit Bit

I recently purchased a fit bit.

This thing is amazing. I have the fit bit charge it will tell you the time, your steps, how many miles you have done, floors you have climbed and how many calories you have burned. Once you sync it in the morning if you wore it to bed it will tell you how much you have slept on the phone or computer app.

The sleep part of this is pretty interesting because I do not sleep that good this I have known for years. It will say you have slept 6 hrs. 30 min. but  you were restless 12 times and awake for 40 minutes. I never realized I was so restless during my sleep.

I set my goals fairly easy 5000 steps a day  but, I average over 8400 – 8900. This is to help keep me on track for my new healthy lifestyle. Now this includes me walking on the treadmill 30 minutes a day.I get bored on the treadmill so I turn on the tv and I walk 15 min in the a.m. and 15 min. in the p.m. Right now my goal is 30 minutes a day.

As time goes on you can increase your goals to make your work even harder.

Do you have a fit bit if so what do you like about it?



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