Sunday was my Mother’s birthday…

So… remember I dreaded calling her on Thanksgiving, and then she refused my call? Well…Sunday I messaged my Sister who lives out in Texas near her, and asked if I dare to call her. After all, the woman is 86 years old today! She said NO.

Okay I’m done and going to post a lengthy explanation on Facebook for friends and family to see. Normally I do not do this publicly…but it’s gotten to a point where I KNOW she’s talking about me nonstop. I want everyone to know that I’m fine with things the way they are. I tried. I was the one who put pride aside and tried to make amends.

For years I’ve been walking on eggshells, trying to make sense of the way she is and how nervous she makes me every time we talk. Today I feel once again, relieved.

I don’t feel guilty at all.


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