After the holiday…tired and pooped!

Boy am I pooped!! I feel all tuckered out. As I said, I LOVE Christmas, but I still get tired. I love walking all through the stores. I’m out every Black Friday, all day long. I enjoy the music, the decorations and the smiling faces, but after the holiday is over… suddenly… everyone looks MEAN! ROFL!!!!

I was in Target today. People were pushing each other, faces were no longer smiling, and everyone in general just looked exhausted. So I’m not the only one who’s tired.

Today was the day after Christmas. I’m doing my blog two days after that day, but I just had to tell you how my day went:

The store shelves were almost empty. To my surprise, (not really surprised) Valentines cards and gifts were on display! ROFL!

I have two birthdays to deal with this week. One is my Grandson and one is my adult child. I really got some good bargain ‘after Christmas’ sales’. I’m not sorry I went out in this mess at all. I do it every year.

Tonight I intend to go to sleep a little earlier than normal, I hope. I will sleep until I can’t sleep any more. I need one morning where I don’t hear an alarm or hear people making noise…fat chance.

I hope everyone who is reading this has had a wonderful holiday. Make your New Years resolutions now, and although we don’t stick to them 100%…try to make one that you KNOW you can do 🙂


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