Best Friends: A canyon paradise for homeless pets

I am a big animal lover and we have all kinds of pets here at our house.

I really do not like it when people dump dogs on the streets or in kill shelters.

Animals have feelings too and they are part of your family. Just as you are part of theirs. People need to stop and realize this.

You can not just toss them away just because you are moving, or do not have time for them, or had kids. People that have animals need to have them for a lifetime not just for when they want them or when it is convenient for them.

I love this article and I think every state needs a few shelters like this one.

Best Friends Animal Society is changing all that not only do they rescue dogs and cats they have birds, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits and more.

A 20,000-acre refuge in Kanab Utah where unwanted pets can spend the rest of their lives without worrying about being killed. They do have adoptions and they make sure the right pet goes to the right people.

If I lived in Utah near this place I know I would be volunteering there.

Please watch the video below.Katie Couric did a story on the people who run this shelter and the animals that are there. There is a story about the shelter  written by Kelli Hill that you will also find at the link.

We need more people like this who care and are compassionate towards animals.

Best Friends: A canyon paradise for homeless pets


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