Travel…Cruise Safety

Before I paste a website for you guys to read for cruise safety…let me tell you about my cruises šŸ™‚

Our first cruise was in 1992 on Royal Caribbean’s brand new ship (then) The Nordic Empress. It was a four day cruise to the Bahamas. We had never cruised before and couldn’t wait to go. The ship was as elegant as can be. The decor was gorgeous! The night club where the action and dancing took place, had floor to ceiling glass walls…and psychedelic lighting. From the street below where we were docked, it was amazing to look up and see. I can remember the people on the older ship The Dolphin, looking up at us in awe. We had a fantastic time those four days. We did find out that we were among a very snooty class of people. They were all decked out for the Captain’s Party, in sequins and rhinestones. OMG, we were surely not dressed as elegant, but we were dressed up. The trip went by way too fast. We ignored the snobs and still had a blast šŸ™‚

Our next cruise was on Crown Cruises, Crown Jewel…now this ship was BRAND new that year and was only out to sea for three months when we stepped on deck. It was our Daughter’s sweet sixteen cruise. We went Eastern Caribbean and visited St. Martin, St. Thomas, San Juan and the Bahamas…this time promising ourselves to visit the Bahamas again and to spend more time there. The ship was a little smaller and also a litter more dramatic and beautiful.Ā  The breakfast room had glass walls which allowed us to see the gorgeous ocean while sipping on coffee and eating breakfast šŸ™‚Ā  This time we dressed up fancier for the Captain’s Party šŸ™‚

Cruise number 3 was in 1993…yep all three of those particular cruises were very close to one another in time.Ā  We took Celebrity Cruises, Meridian (which is no longer with their fleet) to Bermuda!!!!Ā  OMG I will eventually write an entire blog on Bermuda. The ship was FUN. My Daughter met her first boyfriend and joined the Teen Club while on the ship.Ā  Bermuda is gorgeous. I can’t wait to come back and talk all about Bermuda šŸ™‚

Cruise number 4 was back on the Royal Caribbean’s Nordic Empress…now this ship was doing seven day trips to Bermuda, again!!!!!!Ā  Our Daughter fell in love on that ship, did computer work on the ship for her upcoming new job, and had a blast. We not only spend days and days on several different beaches…we also went to the Bermuda Crystal Caves and fell in love with this cave. Gorgeous crystals hanging from everywhere.Ā  Another blog as I said šŸ™‚

Our final so far… and last cruise was on The Carnival’s Pride.Ā  We took this ship from Baltimore Maryland to the Bahamas!Ā  It was a seven day cruise in 2010…just hubby and me. The ship was massive… it took a while to cover everything. One thing that didn’t appeal to me was the ship’s decor.Ā  Naked children and adults… all art… very tasteful of course, and done by a very famous artist long gone…but not my taste.Ā  The ship was dark, but still beautiful.

We were lucky.Ā  Bad things didn’t happen to us. There are so many things that CAN happen, and cruise safety and caution is very important. At the end of this blog I will give you the website for several different safety things you need to know before cruising… meanwhile if you have any questions about any of these ships, please feel free to ask.Ā  I didn’t go into enough detail, but would be thrilled to answer any questions šŸ™‚



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