Seasonal Affective Disorder… We Need Sunlight :-)

I once saw an article on TV about how the lack of sunlight affects us emotionally.  They were mostly referring to people who live in Alaska during their dark season, and people who live in Seattle Washington, during the rainy days they often have.

Someone developed a light for them.  They hung in up high, in a room where they spent most of their idle time.  One segment showed a woman who sat knitting and occasionally looking up at the light.  She said that it made her feel better, less depressed and a lot more calm.

During snow days we seldom really get depressed in the areas where snow doesn’t often fall. The snow makes us feel happy, it’s pretty, and it feels fresh.  Rainy days often make me feel bad.  I once had a bad experience during a rainy day…and because of that, I dislike rainy days.

Different seasons affect us in different ways.  We all have our own reasons for liking and  not liking a certain type of weather…

Here’s a very interesting website all about “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.

Dear Mark: Seasonal Affective Disorder and Light Box Therapy

For me, it’s rain.  I don’t care for it, although I do know it’s necessary.  Which seasons affect your emotions?




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