Cruising with family… OMG!!!!!! Don’t do it!

In 1992 We took Crown Cruise Line’s brand new Crown Jewel (who is no longer a cruise company) to the Caribbean. My Daughter decided that instead of having an expensive party, we would celebrate her Sweet Sixteen on a family cruise. Just me, my husband and her. It was going to be dreamy… a brand new sparkling ship, and a one week vacation…bliss..

NOT…the Mother I have written about and complained about came with us. My husband had met her for the first time… second marriage.  She was horrible to him. She yelled at him every chance she got… and told him to shut his mouth at the dinner table…in the dining room, on the cruise ship!

My baby Sister and Daughter got along great. My Sister is only ten years older than my Daughter…so THEY had a blast…after all…it WAS a cruise. They met other kids their age and just had plain fun the entire time.

Meanwhile the crazy lady (my mother) decided that when we arrived in Puerto Rico, that she would take a long walk, in the dark, on a lonely street…simply because we didn’t want to walk the empty streets in a strange area, and were told by the cruise people not to!  The crazy lady figured everyone else was nuts and she knew better, so off she went. We stood and watched. She walked half a block and when she realized that we were NOT following her, she turned around came back and took a royal fit!

the crazy lady met people on the ship and talked all their ears off. They tried hard to avoid her.  We saw people ducking away and into doorways to avoid her.  She didn’t have teeth in her mouth. She had a mishap with her dentist and her dentures didn’t come out right…so she came along on the cruise, toothless!  Yep I said toothless.

NEVER EVER go on a family cruise with other than immediate family…especially if you don’t all get along, OR there’s a family member who’s CRAZY!  🙂



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