Retirement… how it affects everyone when the man retires…

My husband is officially retired. He took an early retirement because he was having the worst time finding a job. Employers don’t tell us we’re too old, but they can make up another story and just not hire us. In other countries, older people are considered wiser and more experienced. In our country, they are considered ‘Old People’. Useless, and not very desirable.

The thing is this: I’m just as intelligent as I was twenty years ago. My brain function didn’t leave me, and isn’t going to any time soon. I’m stubborn, intelligent, and just plain arrogant when it comes to being seen as ‘OLD’!

There’s more to this story than just whining about growing old. When a working man comes home from work he’s tired. He throws off his work shoes/boots, plops into his favorite chair, watches TV, eats dinner, and just plain falls asleep while sitting in front of the television. At least this is what my husband always did.

Now that my husband is retired, he still does the same things. The only problem is that he hasn’t gotten used to the fact that he’s NO LONGER WORKING! He sits and watches TV… Halfway through the day he goes into the bathroom, or takes out the trash. He sits back down while huffing and puffing, telling me he’s tired and needs to just sit a while. This is what he did when he got home from work!!!! Now he’s doing it after doing NOTHING!!!!

I know he needs a hobby. The problem is that his only really true hobby is playing guitar…OMG I cant even begin to imagine what life will be like if he gets another guitar. He plays okay I guess, but he beats on it more than plays it… it’s very annoying. And now that we live in an adult community, I don’t think it will go over well at all. LOL!

Just ranting and raving 🙂


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