Bye Bye Fur Down

I love a good DIY. Thank you Pinterest for all your great links to wonderful ideas. Not sure how I ever got along without you. The ideas I find keep me quite busy doing my DIY stuff.

Our house is over 30 years old and we have fur – down above the kitchen cabinets. Fur – down is the sheetrock area above the cabinets this was popular before they left the gap above the cabinets. This solution also works for the gap.

I prefer the one that uses the bead board and the ceiling crowning although I would be happy with either one.

New house kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling but most of us will not be buying $5000.00 cabinets to do this. This solution should cost less than $50.00 to do for a house with fur – down. It will probably cost less than $100.00 for a house with a gap above the cabinets.

Link : No More Fur Down

Link: No More Fur Down 2

I love this idea and this is next on our DIY list.

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