I love the spring and summer months.

We have been working in our yard every weekend for the last month. When your house sits on an acre or more there is a lot to do.

I have bought several large containers of petunias, mums and large head marigolds. I also bought two hanging baskets of begonias. All but one of these went into the backyard where we spend most of our time.

I love the instant impact that you get from flowers.

I purchased some lemon grass I am hoping it will keep the mosquitoes away during that season.

We are trying a few gardenia plants again I want them to live so badly. This time, we bought some special dirt just for them with some compost to help them drain well.

The weather has been hitting right around 80 degrees but the last few days it has been a bit cloudy. I like my sunshine because a little sunshine makes us all feel better.

Enjoy the outdoors, feel the sun on your skin, breathe in the fresh air and just sit back and relax. We all need to take more time to relax and take life in a little at a time.



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